About Handverk Design

It's all about what we do and how we do it!

Who We Are | Handverk Design

Håndverk Design is a Toronto-based studio specializing is communication strategy management. In a nutshell we engage in the process of design to develop and implement custom wayfinding solutions for our client’s specific communication needs. These solutions cover a variety of areas and include wayfinding, information & environmental graphics, brand implementation and design, signage and print.

The Handverk Philosophy

As a small studio we believe our strength lies in how we work with our clients and approach their specific needs. From strategy to implementation, we strive to do things differently with an emphasis on offering compelling visual results and client satisfaction. Integrity is important to us and we believe that honesty and quality work go a long way.


Håndverk Design was founded through an intersection of complementary talents within the signage and graphic design fields. With over 20+ years of experience, we like to couple our industry expertise with a uniquely fresh approach to communication problem solving and are driven by our desire to create unique signage solutions which seamlessly blend creativity with functionality.

"We are driven by our desire to create unique signage solutions, seamlessly blend creativity with functionality"